Few people really believe that race does not affect their lives in some way, but most of us are unwilling to admit it. We avoid discussing these differences and do ourselves a disservice. Priya Vulchi and Winona Guo are two high school students who decided it was time to bring this discussion out in the open. The key, they say, is to face the issue with both our hearts and our minds, for our minds lead us to understand and our hearts lead us to care.


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  • John Willis

    I was inspired by the passion, clarity, and persuasiveness of Priya Vulchi and Winona Guo (and by the polished, professional presentation by such young presenters). I hope to see them in Congress as soon as they turn 25 and the Senate five years later.

  • maggie

    the passion, clarity and incredible presentation skills of these two young women. They reminded me of the opportunities to learn in my own very diverse community.

  • Karin

    Everything about it inspired me! The passion, the wisdom, the commitment, the heart, the energy. Absolutely impeccable work and intention. I can't wait to witness and engage the work they are offering in my own life journey. It is dedication like this that truly can contribute to changing the racial injustice this nation is built on.

  • Joan

    These young women have taken a deeper, more profound look at our racial divides. I'm so impressed with their spirit. They are just the kind of people we need to evolve us forward.

  • Sara

    Both speakers earnestness and resolve to move the conversation forward and encourage all to take part.

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