“One’s circumstances do not determine one’s potential.” What does it take to merge big data, creativity, and your potential? What does it mean to change a narrative? Lisa Russell, a filmmaker, entrepreneur, and StoryShifter, discusses all this and more in her TEDxAshbury Park talk. Russell, an Emmy-winning filmmaker with a Master’s in Public Health shares her career journey and the power of responsible storytelling. In doing so, she also established StoryShifter, a place where artists can share stories and be involved with social good using big data and creativity. Learn more about the importance of being a responsible storyteller.


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  • How can big data, creativity, and social good be combined successfully? Learn more about StoryShifter and its work.
  • How is the United Nations aiming to transform the world for the better? Learn more about their Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • When you meet someone, do you think more about their circumstances or their potential? Meet one person and encourage them to achieve their hopes and dreams without reflecting on their circumstances. 

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