Our lives are shaped so much by our environment: where we live, where we work, our schools, neighbors, traffic, crime, green space. But how much attention do we pay to the food accessible around us, our foodscape? Three women founded Appetite for Change in North Minneapolis with a mission "to use food as a tool to build health, wealth, and social change." They study the food attainable in neighborhoods, in restaurants and grocery stores, asking "Is this here because we eat it or do we eat it because it is here?' They also help people learn to grow and prepare healthy food, because when families and communities work together, in the kitchen, garden, or anywhere, everyone benefits.


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  • Consider the food convenient to you. When you eat ask yourself "Is this here because I eat it or do I eat it because it is here?"
  • Start a community garden or contribute to one.
  • Support local farmers by shopping at farmers' market. Keep neighborhood groceries open by frequenting them too.

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