In this hour-long tribute to "The Work the Reconnects," Pat van Boeckel explores the stories of activists who have used Joanna Macy’s writings to enhance and support their service and their lives. Van Boeckel does not flinch in describing the devastation now facing the world or equivocate on the justification for despair. Despite the trauma inflicted on the earth and ourselves, she gently leads us through Macy’s words and toward embracing hope.


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  • Michael Stilinovich

    Diane, Bless you Dear One...."Faith"....

  • Sachi

    Just what I needed to see today ! thank you !

  • Martina N

    "Do it because you love the people at your side." Solidarity and community is the healing answer. Alone we don't count for so much, but together we become a force to be able to make real changes.

  • Diane Nilan

    As a filmmaker and activist on the issue of family/youth homelessness, I struggle with the overwhelming sense of hopelessness. Watching this film renews me. There are more of us than we think--good people doing good work for good reasons. Thanks for this wonderful refreshment!

  • Gabriel Evangelista

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing and inspiring piece of work. It seems that many of us are looking for some "Work that Reconnects"(maybe without calling it that way). And this short movie portrays not only the incredible woman who is lighting the way of lots of activists; but the activists themselves— along with their courage, their doubts, their pain, their stories, their motivation, and their love. That is something I can deeply relate to. Thanks a lot.

  • Diane

    Nothing! I feel even more depressed and worried about the environment now and can also see that this is possibly the unconscious cause of so much depression that people are experiencing today ...this film reinforces the fact that the few (comparatively)who ARE concerned enough to change their lives to stop the disastrous trajectory of Earth just are not the majority!

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