Have you ever heard it said that "Some people are so poor that all they have is money?" Unfortunately, too many of us find this to be true as we work longer hours to make ends meet. However, we all have gifts we can share that take us out of the realm of buying and selling for profit. Watch this film inspired by Lewis Hyde's beloved classic The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World and learn how freeing it can be to become part of the gift economy in small ways. GIFT is a tribute to something that can’t be measured or counted, bought or sold. An intimate exploration of real-life gift economies, it’s a reflection on the creative process, the reasons we labour in service of our gifts, and a celebration of the imagination.


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  • Learn more about The Gift It Forward creative project.
  • Listen to an Awaken Call interview with Charles Eisenstein as he discusses how we can reconnect with the spirit of gift.
  • Think of something in your work and life that you can give as a gift at least part of the time as a way to actualize the gift economy.

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