This powerful film chronicles the journey of Ibraheem Sarhan, a Syrian teenager, as he adapts to a new life in Winnipeg, Canada. Following the loss of his mother and four siblings in a bombing that left him injured, Ibraheem left Syria with his father. "We went out against our will and we shall return with our hope," he says. Press play to watch Ibraheem as he navigates his first week of high school in this story of resilience and rebuilding.


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  • cheri

    Every word and image inspired me. It also reminded me that the Syrian war and refugee crisis is not over... For those of us who have never seen the face of war first hand it is impossible to comprehend what the word casualties actually covers - but to survive the loss of your mother and siblings and to be severely injured physically and yet to show the resilience of the human spirit and to find the emotional - mental - and spiritual strength to have hope for a future and to find gratitude in what one has - it is humbling.

  • Jane

    I am glad Ibraheem's father is there for him. I wonder who is there to support his father. He, too, must be filled with grief. Perhaps Ibraheem is there for his father.

  • joey

    The courage and strength to move on and accept what happened. So sad and tragic

  • Margaret

    The dignity and awesome courage demonstrated by Ibraheem, his father, and his school classmates cannot but humble us, we who too often turn a blind eye to the suffering that results when we overidentify with privilege in place of compassion. Thank you for such a poignant, bittersweet reminder of the vast range of behavior that we humans are capable of. It all comes down to being conscious of our Inter-beingness.

  • Rose

    So much inspired me ..seeing Ibraheem in his room praying...His courage and His resilience to circumstance. I pray for you and your Father to be at peace always.

  • Belinda Cole-Schwartz

    All people are fragments, parts of the whole. We can unite with love, compassion and courage. Ibrahim your courage is an inspiration to so many. You are a beacon of light in the darkness we all know.

  • Charles

    Thank you Ibraheem, for your courage and hope. I pray that you and your friends will be able to return to a peaceful Syria.

  • Laurie

    Stories. Hopefully they inch us beyond the anger, hate, fear, grief. Thank you for your generosity in telling yours, Ibraheem. Love from America.

  • Julie

    Ibraheem, you are an amazing young man

  • Anne Hedberg

    Thank you, Ibraheem, for sharing your story with us. And thanks to all who produced this video. It blesses us all by enabling us to experience your story, to witness your unspeakable loss and the strength and resilience of you and your dad. May all your viewers be inspired to work for the peace and brotherhood of all and an end to war!

  • PIUS


  • Sandip sheta

    There is no way to peace, peace is the way.

  • Jyotu

    When I say "I understand." Do I really understand this grief? Do not know, intense pain in the heart is so unique.

  • Cindy

    War is not the answer, never was, never will be. May Ibraheem and all innocent victims thrive in spite of their greedy and misguided oppressors.

  • Jane Jackson

    The strength and resilience of Ibraheem and his father are inspirational. One family’s unspeakable loss reminds us of the impossible realities so many countless families face. Their hope is hope for humanity.

  • carrie

    If we could only get to know each other before we war.

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  • Since the Syrian civil war began, more than 5.6 million Syrians have fled the country as refugees. Follow this link to learn more about the Syrian refugee crisis.
  • Complement this film with the story of Hasan, a Syrian refugee making a difference to other refugee children.
  • Learn about the local refugee organizations in your community. Read this article to get ideas of different ways you can help.

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