A film by Peace News Network.

In her documentary White Right: Meeting the Enemy, filmmaker Deeyah Khan met with neo-Nazi sympathizers to discover what drives people to hate other human beings. What she discovered was a ground of common humanity that allowed her to see neo-Naziz as people like herself with dreams, hopes, and fears. By discovering our common humanity in this film, she hopes to help others find ways to bridge the divide between us so that we can create more peace in the world rather than more hate.


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  • To discover ways you too may need to grow and change in your own life, take this hidden bias test.
  • View this video clip to see how one community started conversations between different groups of people at a tea party.
  • Take the time today to smile at or talk to someone whom you normally wouldn't--someone who is different culturally, racially or religiously. Help spread peace in your own way as you help bridge the divisions between us. 

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