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The River Ganges is sacred in the Hindu religion. It is also highly polluted and has become a danger to the many Indians who depend upon it. Part of the problem is the 20,000 tons of flowers dumped into the waterways each day, refuse left over from Hindus honoring their gods at temples. When Ankit Agarwal decided to quit his job in cyber security to help solve this problem his family was dubious. He and friend Karan Rastogi started Phool, collecting temple flowers and making them into compost, incense, and packing material. The partners employ Dalit  (Dalit means broken in sanskrit) women, a caste of people seen as unclean, who are often not allowed to worship at temples, giving them a way to change their futures and that of their children.


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  • robert a Bridges

    empowering women; continuing the gift of beauty flowers bring in their prime and in their decline how they continue to create beauty in people

  • Sandip Sheta

    Way of life... Flower life.... Clean life....

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  • Learn more about Help Us Green and the impact they are having on the world.
  • Remember to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The less waste we create, the better off the world. Even discarded flowers can have a big impact on the environment.
  • Step up! If you see a problem in your community, do something about it. Organize a neighborhood clean up day. Take a walk around the park picking up trash. Simple acts add up.

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