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La Soupe in Cincinnati is helping to feed food insecure kids and families. The organization “rescues” produce from grocery markets that would have been thrown away, even if they are still good. The produce is then used to make soup for those in need. For many kids, this soup is the only food they have. La Soupe was founded by Chef Suzy DeYoung in 2014 and helps to feed 500 kids each week. Volunteers help to pick up produce and make soup. Aside from giving out soup, La Soupe also has cooking classes and events that teach students how to cook. Not only does the organization help food insecure families, it also helps keep good food out of landfills.


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  • Find out more about La Soupe and how you can get involved.  
  • Learn more about fresh produce in landfills
  • If you have fresh produce that you are not using, use it to make soup for a local soup kitchen.

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