A film by Nitin Das.

This enchanting visual poem from Finland is a feast for the senses. It takes us on a magical forest tour as we experience the miracles of life there through time and seasons, through silence and nature's songs, and through flights of imagination prompted by soaring birds. "The magic weaves through my mind, the more I search the less I find, the less I try, the more I heal." Come, experience the magic, and carry the forest in you.


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  • Edward

    Scintillating music with a backdrop of beautiful natural environment

  • Sharon McMonagle

    The beauty & lesson from life🦋

  • Barbara Gordon

    The message is coming through loud and clear from many sources confirming the healing power of nature when we engage with it, surround ourselves with it, just be in it. This beautiful video carries just that message.

  • Renu Singh

    What a peaceful calming video

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