Climate change is a critical problem we all face. While many people have ideas for how to help solve the problem, climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe proposes a simple yet crucial way to combat it. She says that the most important way to solve climate change is to simply talk about it. In her TED Talk, Katharine advises several ways to go about the conversation, including starting with people you know and the values you share with those to whom you are speaking. Talking about climate change brings awareness to the issue and allows for other ways to fight it to be discussed and formulated, even if it is as simple as using reusable bags while shopping.


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  • Read about Katharine Hayhoe and her work. See her bio for organizations she supports and find out how you can get involved with them. 
  • Learn facts about climate change, especially the evidence behind it, to build knowledge for conversations. 
  • Talk to someone who is skeptical about climate change and share your views with them. 

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