A film by Green Renaissance.

Peggy sums up her philosophy of life for us with these words: "If you feel lonely, make a cup of tea. Or knit." Her approach to life will warm your heart like the jerseys (sweaters) that she makes warm children who benefit from her generous spirit. She visits areas where parents and young children congregate and passes out her beautiful handiwork for free. Though she feels, at age 83, that she is "in the departure lounge---to go up there---to die," she doesn't let that stop her from loving life and filling her time with knitting in service to others. Her payment is the pleasure she enjoys from seeing the grateful looks on the faces of the recipients.


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  • Ruth Moorhead

    As a knitter, I can relate. So now I can learn how to design knitted sweaters so I can make them without thinking too hard.

  • Susan

    Her warmth of truly caring for others, her joy in giving...Each of us has a way to gift our fellow travelers - whatever form this may take, a smile, a Bless you! when someone sneezes

  • Paul

    She is a model of graceful aging and a blessing to mankind. I am inspired to be as generous and loving as she is.

  • kindnessandy

    THE PLEASURE OF GRATEFUL LOOKS "If you feel lonely, make a cup of tea. Or knit." Approach life with a warm heart. Warm children with a generous spirit. "We are all in the departure lounge, to go up there." Love life. Serve others. Be paid by the pleasure of grateful looks.

  • Mish

    I was deeply moved by her knitting give-aways. How beautiful. It brought me to tears...joy-full tears :)

  • Joan

    I've been so busy and recently and haven't found much time to savour beautiful stories such as this one. THANKS for sharing such uplifting stories!!!!

  • Deborah

    My Heart is touched by the Wisdom of a Blessed Soul Peggy whose Joy in giving to others from something that brings her Joy and who has a most wonderful attitude in life - and sees the gift...... Namaste Dear One

  • Cindy Polansky

    Peggy’s simple, and practical, approach is divine! Well done Sweetheart! May your soul be eternally wrapped in warmth, similar to that given off by your jerseys! And by the way, Departure Lounges are great places to hang out - so many fabulous moments of People watching!

  • Bilkis

    Senior citizens should nt very feel lonely, adopt hobbies, make life constructive, I like her attitude, wonderful to be doing what you like

  • Virginija

    Wonderful video and it explains why I never feel lonely ! I am single btw. and I will never feel anymore like I am not supposed to be knitting-as people would say sometimes: you sitting and knitting like a granny, like it's something wrong with that? no matter what age you are-you can knit if you like it :) and share the gift

  • Lakshmi

    Her approach to life. Loneliness is in the mind. She is an inspiration to senior citizens like me to make our lives sublime by being positive and useful to the community. . My mom is 94 and she spends her time in singing and doing cross stitch on bedspread and knitting for her grand children. We have to wait for the visa from heaven above with a cheerful optimism.

  • Cindy

    I’m inspired by her optimism, sense of humor, gratitude, and attitude!

  • Betty

    Her sense of humour and her zest for life. Yes we should all feel grateful to be alive. Enjoy each day tomorrow there's no guarantee. Her generosity is two-fold - good karma. She'll probably live to be 100 because of it.

  • Cindy Meier

    peggy’s words of wisdom in the introduction made me think of my grandmother who believed having a cup of tea solved anything...what a lovely lady .

  • Deborah McKinley

    Peggy's absolutely beautiful and extremely positive attitude is one that should be copied by everyone! No excuses.

  • emma martinez

    Her kniting for children inspired me, she is such a beautiful lady, I feel the same way about painting, her love of life is inspiring, we dont have to have much,just the capacity to be grateful and apreciate what we have.

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  • Take a few minutes to quietly reflect on Peggy's words:"It's great to be alive. And you must enjoy every minute of it."

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