The Kalmus family in Altadena, California has reduced their carbon footprint by 90% by taking steps to help combat climate change. Peter Kalmus is a climate scientist who did some research to help figure out where the family’s biggest emissions were coming from. The research showed that he needed to reduce the amount of flying he did. The family also became vegetarians. Peter wrote a book about his efforts to help spread awareness and help others understand their impacts on the world. Though they had to make some big changes that are countercultural, they felt it was worth it to help reduce the alarming rate of climate change.


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  • Fairlight

    I finally started to reduce the use of a clothes dryer. In spite of small living space and a climate often too wet for an outdoor clothesline, it is possible!

  • Sowmya

    Awesome Awesome family!!!! What a drastic change !! I am deeply inspired, and I will take some conscious efforts too to reduce my carbon footprint.

  • Babulal Banthia

    What inspired you about this video? How simple it is to reduce carbon foot print? But it requires one to change life style willingly.How & Where do we get the book " being the change by Peter Kalmus?Lots of these innovations are taking place in California. How do the rest of the world take advantage of these changes, such as learning, educating. How do we get to see eco films by Sheila Laffey? Can you explain plane ride vs. driving?

  • Brian

    Thanks always Team...very important conversation. The paradigm shift is happening and billions of smart phones are sharing climate change science realities everyday. Hopefully exponential technology will help save the Earth habitat. It's simple science that ice melts, yet there is a denial machine that is at work, so Let's be encouraged....peace

  • Sheila Laffey

    i teach a film studies course, Green Screen: Films on the Environment and Transformation and host the Green Screen film series at Santa Monica College. I'd like to show this very inspiring short. All members of this conscious family are setting a high bar we all need to emulate. I also make eco films and found this truly wonderful!

  • Ken

    Not taking plane ride to conferences would be a long protracted reduction on CO2. The planes would fly to locations anyway, and yes, maybe having less passengers would cause airlines to reduce the number of flights. If Peter drives in his bio diesel car to those destination while the planes are on their way there, would his driving add more CO2. And why driving bio diesel cars, even if with vegetable oil does not produce more CO2. I am not sure about vegetable oil being in the atmosphere and now return to the atmosphere. And for his son taking care of the worm bin, be aware that too much food in the bin would be harmful for the worm, as they turn acidic when the worms dont digest it fast enough. Do have a grey water recycling system. Do forego the toilet tissue use and substitute it with a water spray, bidet and you will lower your carbon footprint even more, and more sanitary.

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  • Learn about Peter Kalmus' work with climate science.
  • Use the carbon footprint calculator to see how much of an impact you are making on climate change.
  • Take steps in your life to reduce your carbon footprint. 

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