A film by Green Renaissance.

Eva and her family live an isolated life on the remote island of Stóra Dímun, in the middle of the North Atlantic Sea, with the occasional helicopter visit their only connection to the outside world. While they are geographically isolated, Eva states that she never feels lonely. Eight generations of her family have lived on this island, with children seeing first hand the full cycle of life all around them. Summer and winter are both enjoyable to Eva, who feels rich because she gets to be a caretaker of the natural life here. She rejoices in the “many small good moments” that make up her days.


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  • Sarah McMahan

    It is about love -- love for the land, love for the weather, the animals, the family [?}. It left me with questions: Who are the others living there?

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  • Eva is living a life she loves. How would you respond to these questions?: "How would you like to live your life? Are you doing what you love?" 

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