It is no secret that plastic has been polluting the planet for many years. The Mother Earth Foundation is a global movement that is uniting communities to change this impact of plastic on the environment. By taking a people centered approach and recognizing the power of people to solve their own problems, the Foundation is working household to household in Manila and other cities in the Philippines, collecting waste, composting organic material, distributing recyclable items, and identifying which items are beyond the potential for recycling or composting. If items are deemed not recyclable or are unable to be composted, the organization approaches corporations to request that they redesign the packaging of their items to be more environmentally friendly and accept responsibility for the life cycle of the products they sell. Mother Earth Foundation's vision is that one day, every city will be a Zero Waste City.


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  • Learn more about the Mother Earth Foundation
  • Read about 25 cities that have decided to work towards becoming Zero Waste Cities.  
  • Set up recycling and composting in your household. If you already have this down, consider up-cycling things you might normally recycle.

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