The life-giving power of forgiveness is evident in these two men who remarkably forge a lasting bond after a horrendous tragedy, during which the grandson of one, murdered the son of the other. This defining moment in both of their lives happened in 1995 when Ples Felix's 14 year old grandson Tony, in a gang initiation fueled by drugs and alcohol, shot and killed Tariq, the innocent unarmed son of Azim Khamisa. The unimaginable and yet very real story of how these two men formed such a powerful bond has created a miracle of hope, a lasting legacy to Tariq. "Peace is possible," says Tariq's father. "How do I know that? Because I am at peace."


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    This level of forgiveness fills my heart with hope. Sometimes I find it difficult to forgive the smallest of things and now I am reminded of how senseless this way of thinking is.

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  • Become more informed about the work of the Tariq Khamisa Foundation.
  • Read about how to practice forgiveness in an unforgiving world.
  • Think about someone in your life whom you have been unable to forgive. Can you open your heart now and make the choice to forgive this person?

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