In a short and strikingly beautiful cinematic journey to wild places we are asked to think about how we are leaving the natural world for generations to come. What if our children's children could never lay eyes on wild country because it is already destroyed? Spending time in the wild is not a past-time, the narrator tells us, rather it is a biological necessity like water, air and food. The video ends on a hopeful note, pointing out that thousands of people are spending their time working to leave their areas better than when they arrived.


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  • Harvey Chess

    A reaffirmation of my times in such settings as a young man, and my almost daily micro versions as an old man when walking with our dogs in a wooded neighborhood.

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  • Learn about protecting the wild from the Nature Conservancy.
  • Listen to the call of the wild through soundscapes by Dr Bernie Krause. 
  • How can you use your voice and your time to help preserve what is growing wild in your own community? 

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