In this heartwarming Pixar short, an unlikely friendship forms when a stray cat encounters an abused Pit Bull. Together, the pair discovers that trust and companionship can mend even the most painful of wounds. Click play to watch their journey unfold!


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  • Ari

    just watched with my son and dog before going to sleep. A perfect sendoff for the night.

  • Karen

    It was such a sweet story and I loved a happy ending with the four of them sitting together. <3

  • Diane

    So beautiful. I'll never look at pitbulls the same again.

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Kindness pays .

  • Peggy

    So sweet! Love is everything!

  • Dee

    Love prevailed..💕😊

  • Pamela

    A swelling in my heart of love, fear, then gratitude.

  • cheryl

    Tears for both the animals abuse but also for the happy ending. Kindness prevails!

  • Earl

    Tears. So many tears. Sad. Happy. Great ending. The world can be a terrifying place. And where does all that rage come from? Where does the love come from? Thank you for telling this lovely story and giving it a happy ending.

  • Cheryl

    Absolutely loved this, the emerging relationship between the two animals, finally allowing the woman to show kindness despite the abuse that Kitbull’ had suffered. Truely inspirational!🇦🇺

  • Christine Grace

    Love, our true nature <3 Giving, our true nature.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    heartwarming and heart-wrenching too. Thank you.

  • Susan Munro

    I was in tears near the end. Mostly because the bond between the two animals and the human's ability to see it and save these two from a certain horrible existence. Lovely.

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