A film by HooplaHa.

One does not usually connect the Manhattan neighborhood of Harlem with the works of Shakespeare or Sophocles. The Classical Theatre of Harlem is trying to change that. The program provides young actors with a chance to do performances commonly outside their reach. The plays are also free to the public, bringing the community together and, with their credo of "Fierce. Bold. Relevant." they find ways to bring stories to life that are hundreds of years old. In this production of Antigone they connect the deaths of Oedipus’ two sons in battle with current events by the simple addition of a street altar as backdrop, complete with the sadly familiar sagging balloons and signs that say “Stop Killing Our Sons” and “We Will Not Forget.” The lesson perhaps is that the problems of today often reflect those of the past, and we need to all come together and work to solve them.


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