Doctor Abhijit Sonawane is a medical doctor in Pune, India. In 2015 he left a high paying medical job to serve the health care needs of beggars living on the streets, providing them with basic health care for free. The people served by Dr. Sonawane are mostly elderly and have been abandoned by their families. They beg on the streets just to survive day to day. When they become physically healthy Dr. Sonawane's support does not end, as he gives them financial support and encouragement to find work so that they no longer need to beg and can live in dignity.


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  • Learn more about Dr. Sonawane and how you can support his work. 
  • Read about the HEAL Initiative which also brings health care to the most vulnerable. 
  • Make time today to reach out to someone in your community who is struggling with health issues or other challenges. 

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