Guillaume Néry can hold his breath underwater for more than seven minutes, dive more than 126 meters without air and has run on ocean floors around the world. He is a professional freediver, meaning he dives without breathing apparatus. The sport of freediving is dangerous, but Guillaume Néry and Julie Gautier’s film makes it seem peaceful and serene. The film shows non divers a new way of interacting with water - walking, running, jumping, flying. The idea for this film came about when Néry was thinking about those who trek continents by foot. He wanted to do something similar but take viewers on an underwater journey across the globe. His wife, Julie Gautier, who was involved in filming, was also on breath hold.


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  • Mary Shapiro

    Ahhh...mazing...! That was only 12 minutes? It felt like forever...and that my breath somehow became calm and smooth...versus "holding it" and pushing through the water to get more. Life is about breath (obviously) which I am learning more and more as I meditate and as I witness people die. This was beautiful. Thank you! Especially to the photographer! Who was freediving too?!? is that what it means to be "on breath hold" ?

  • sr.beth

    Pure trust. Calm, centered, unswerving trust. Trust in self, the human body, life, breath, nature, perhaps something higher. Awe inspiring trust.

  • Shoshana Avree

    The magnificent silent beauty.. Thanks for sharing this incredible view of the world unseen by most of us.. blessings

  • Derek

    Wei, wu wei. Doing, not doing. I didn't have the time to watch this today, yet the time stood still. I wondered what it was like to be him, and I felt his calmness and confidence race through me. He has practiced and prepared a great deal to be able to have the experiences that he's having. I received a flash of insight. And, while only a flash, it grows something in me.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you <3 the moment with the whales, I can only begin to imagine what that felt like in person, no words <3

  • Dianne

    Pure serenity, one with the sea & sea-life. I also caught myself- holding my breath. Much respect for his athleticism .

  • Lorraine Aguilar

    Where was this filmed? it is amazing! is it a lost civilization? fear!

  • Simon Roberts

    Just incredible, how amazing humans can be and how beautiful the planet is, even underwater. I was also holding my breath . . . managed about 22 seconds :)

  • Barbara

    Literally breathtaking - I found my self holding my breath along with Guillaume. Such beauty in the flow of his movement through the water and over such incredible landscapes - or should that be seascapes?

  • Chuck

    The power of stillness and movement aligned=awesome or for short "awe" and then tears. Thank you!

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