Ten days after the horrific events of 9/11/2001, a shooting at a Texas mini-mart shattered the lives of two men: the victim, Raisuddin, and the attacker, Mark, who was a self proclaimed avenger of the 9/11 attacks. In this profoundly moving and thought provoking talk, Anand Giridharadas, author of "The True American," tells the story of what followed. In the telling of this story of forgiveness and redemption we are confronted with the fracturing of America, the republic of dreams (for people who face great obstacles to make a new life in the U.S.) and the republic of fears (for people who are born into the wilting America of poverty, lack of opportunities, and absence of hope). The moral challenge of our times is how to reacquaint and unite these two Americas.


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  • Kati

    This presentation was very inspiring. It makes me want to do what I can in this America.

  • Carol

    The generous courage to forgive and its loving message, we are one, is for me, the deep message of this talk. It has inspired me to look within my own experience and to begin to see that holding on to ineffective emotions and thoughts will keep me contracted. Letting go of past seemingly justified anger, will open me up to freedom in my own heart and life. It has inspired me to believe in human's ability to be empathetic, loving and strong.

  • Carrie

    Us high minded democrats need to love more.

  • Jyoti

    powerful! Together we are capable of making the change is the clear and real lesson

  • Ron

    A Beautiful video that shows what humans are capable of overcoming.

  • Alberto

    He said what so many of us know deep inside and it's time to bring these two America's together.

  • betty

    A most gripping and powerful tale outlining one of the greatest problems in the U.S. today. I would hope everyone in the U.S. would really listen to and understand and react and embrace its message for major change and support to become one. We are one human race and are destroying ourselves. Thank you Service Space for bringing such significant messages to our attention.

  • Cindy

    wow, probably the best Tedtalk I've heard... a brilliant speaker with a brilliant message. Thankyou.

  • Margaret Thompson

    A truly inspiring video. Since the end of WW11 the west has had the luxury of wallowing in material success, but at a huge cost. The pursuit has left many without a moral compass and it is on that battlefront that we now face one of the biggest struggles of all time. Can we reset our compass and look at the current crises through a new lens? If not, we risk not only a continuing senseless loss of lives but also the extinction of the planet.

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  • Delve deeper into this story by reading Giridharadas's book The True American.
  • Learn about one woman's efforts to reach out to those surrounded by poverty, crime and despair.
  • Answer for yourself the speaker's probing question, "What can you do?" What can you do to build a more merciful and inclusive country and world? 

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