A film by Our Better World.

"What else can I do apart from just cutting hair?" After 10 years in the industry, stylist Lex Low had lost the joy his work originally brought. He needed more. Realizing "people are the core of what I'm doing," Low sought ways to use his gifts to help others. Beginning with giving food, water, and haircuts to marginalized people, Low knew that to break the cycle of poverty the people need more than sustenance. They need skills, skills which Low is able to teach.


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  • Learn more about Lex Low and his journey, as well as ways you can help.
  • Take some time to consider what gifts you have and how they can be used to help those around you.
  • Low uses haircutting as a way to connect with others. The next time you see someone who is asking for help, instead of just giving them money, take some time to talk to them. 

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