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More than 3,000 of Indonesia’s youth end up in prison each year. Those released often find it difficult to find jobs. Dian Sasmita started Gerobak Kopi Onjel, a program that provides youth with professional barista training and an internship in a coffee shop. Once their three-month internship ends, they move onto the second part of the program where they are given a cycle wagon that is a mobile coffee shop to go sell coffee at various events. The purpose of the program is to provide these juveniles with a chance to gain skills and a job after they are released as well as increase their confidence in their abilities to tackle difficult tasks.


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  • Barbara

    Wow!!! This film is inspiring and has left me feeling joyful and hopeful about the caring of human for human. Thank you Dian Sasmita for your work and your willingness to care. To quote Humam " There will always be a way".

  • Brian

    Peace be with the KarmaTube Team and all the believers in planting seeds of hope...a little bit of love goes a long way...be encouraged...peace

  • Kristy

    The power of deep listening and compassion shines through every moment of this video.:)

  • Diane

    What a sweet-natured young man...he deserves a second chance. When kids end up in jail so young they haven't even begun to become who they will be, which is probably part of why they ended up in jail. They experimented with life the wrong way. Congratulations to whoever started this great program off!

  • Cindy

    Great idea! Hope for these kids is everything, and this program provides it. Kudos to the founder and best wishes to all the participants.d

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  • Learn about juvenile imprisonment in Indonesia.
  • Find out how to reduce the number of people in prison, including children, and advocate for these practices to be implemented in your community.
  • Volunteer at an after-school program for youth so that they have somewhere safe to go after school. 

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