A film by Green Renaissance.

Brandur Patursson is an artist from the Faroe Islands who works with light in the creation of his glass and metal sculptures. After losing 70% of the sight in one eye he started understanding what it is to really see. He realized that we see with our eyes, but how we perceive things is what truly gives them meaning in our lives. If we can literally see and reflect on someone's else's feelings instead of their effect on us, he suggests that we could be more tolerant. This short film is itself a mesmerizing reflection on how opening our eyes to who and what is around us allows us to be moved.


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  • Tycia Conrad

    The message here is profound! Brilliant!

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  • Learn about Brandur's artistic heritage passed down from his father. 
  • Discover the power of a vision from the heart to promote healing.
  • Try to consciously perceive today something you have seen before but not quite taken in. How does this new perception change how you feel?

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