In this short trailer, renowned physicist and systems theorist Fritjof Capra issues an urgent message about the critical importance of systems thinking for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He says we must realize before it is too late that our global problems are systemic problems and are best approached in light of this reality.


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  •  Dr. Capra calls on us to see the energy crisis, environmental degradation, climate change, economic inequality, violence and war not as isolated problems but as all interconnected. Watch the full video.
  • Explore with Dr. Capra the new systemic conception of life in the forefront of science to understand our systemic problems and to learn about systemic solutions.
  • Dr. Capra's warning is dire, our own survival and that of our children. His solution: "the way to sustain life is to build communities from local to global levels." How can you take active part in this crucial effort?

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