The world has always had divisions. We separate groups based on gender and religion. We send our kids to public or private schools. And as countries we define and maintain our borders. On election day in 2016 Enrique Chiu responded to a growing movement against immigration from Mexico to the U.S. by putting a new face, literally, on the border wall. With the permission of Mexico's border security and the help of now over 4000 volunteers, Chiu has painted over 2 km of the Tijuana side of the wall. The new barrier includes messages of hope and love, in sharp contrast to the American side which has simultaneously acquired barbed wire.


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  • The work continues. People come to contribute their work from as far as Norway. Consider joining them or contributing.
  • Check out more beautiful work by Enrique Chiu.
  • Are there divisions near you that make you sad? Organize your own project to make them beautiful. (Always get permission first.)

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