A film by Green Renaissance.

Lisa learned about wonderment and so many other powerful life lessons from her husband Gary. Words are inadequate to describe this amazing journey with her as she learns that language can get in the way of true communication, that animals know instinctively how to communicate, how to express commitment and how to live in the moment. Like the horses he so dearly loved, Gary is an expert teacher, by his example of a life well lived, of the wonder and the joy to be had when we don't waste one precious moment of life.


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    deeply moving, the reminder that there's so much more to true communication beyond the words spoken if we are willing to listen. "allow that is happening to just be" <3 the beauty all around when we are wonderment <3 Thank you, I needed this reminder <3

  • Yvonne

    Her naturalness ...sharing her experiences...so gratefully So joyfully.....and showing us that if life squeezes you out can come joy rather than anger or frustration....for only when we have that kind of joy can we experience wonderment.....and her story teaches me that this wonderment can be caught from another, but never taught. Thank you so much for sharing this... Amen

  • Peggy

    I love her openness about what she feeling and the lessons she has learned.

  • Blue

    such depth and honest connection .. deeply touching. thank you

  • cathy

    I love the life lessons that lisa shared with us. It is always so important to live in the present, the moments right now. None of us is guaranteed anything more than that. I believe Gary is still with her.

  • Ginny

    Wonderment is a gift that life gives us. Lisa's patience, listening skills, and focusing on intent were all part of the loving commitment and communication that she was blessed to share with Gary. What a beautiful story! I look forward to sharing it with others. Thank you, Lisa and Gary.

  • Marion

    Listening is an excellent teacher!

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