Most of us have seen people on the street holding cardboard signs. "Homeless." "Will work for food." "Hungry. Please help." But what if those pieces of cardboard gave us insight into the person holding them? What if they could help us "look beyond what we see"? The Cardboard Project seeks to bridge the gap between us and help us "see this community through a different lens."


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  • Ella de Jong

    Wonderful project! Empower every person! I've put it on LinkedIn today! This business platform should here about this!

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  • Employ to Empower seeks to help homeless people find meaningful employment. Volunteer with them to help people in Vancouver or find a place near you.
  • Jeremy Goldberg says "each of us has our own unique story." Let him help you find yours.
  • The next time you see a homeless person take a minute to talk to them. You never know what lessons you may learn.

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