A film by Green Renaissance.

In that space between our words, when the mind is quiet, we can hear our own heart talking to us. And that is also when we are open to communicating with animals. This is something that we are all able to do - we've just forgotten how. We need to let go of all the rational thoughts that get in the way, and learn to tune into our heart and communicate with animals from there.


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  • Helen

    Everything, everything

  • Ella de Jong

    Thank you! Just listen ... I don't use the grey stuff :-) Beautiful images! They care what's inside ... Everyone can communicate with animals .... Thank you!

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  • Learn from another amazing woman living life from the heart.
  • See just what beautiful creations can spring from Green Renaissancethe three people passionate about inspiring ideas for living life from the heart.
  • If you are lucky enough to live with animals, turn to one right now and communicate silently heart-to-heart. Otherwise, pause what you are doing and go outside. Listen...just listen with your heart.

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