Renowned author Mitch Albom introduces us to a story of love, a story about the making of a family through love. He shows us that the rules of what a family should look like don't matter as long as there is love bringing them together. He introduces us to Chika, who became the much beloved daughter of he and his wife Janine after Chika's mother was killed in the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Chika's life was shortened by a difficult and rare brain tumor. The powerful love and joy she left behind continues to remind us that our job is to carry our children, to carry all of the children of the world.


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  • Sidonie

    Here's to Chika! Thanks for sharing, it's moving, inspiring and humbling...

  • Jacque Willits

    May we all be blessed with the compassion and unconditional love shown by Mitch, Janine, and Chika.

  • Agata

    Thank you very much for sharing Chika's story, it is beautiful :)

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    what a beautiful bright light, thank you for sharing Chika's story. Though her life on this earth was short, it sounds like her love and light live on. <3

  • Patti Ann Ridgway

    a beautiful story....I heard Mitch's interview with Brian Buffini and was moved immeasurably. His book Tuesdays with Maury holds a special place in my heart from when I spent Tuesdays with Bill (my elderly dad) before he passed. Our job is truly to hold the "children" of the world!

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  • Read more about Chika's story and how finding her changed Mitch Albom's life. 
  • Learn about Have Faith Haiti and how it is working to brighten the lives of many children in Chika's home country.
  • What new thing can you do to support children in your community? Make a commitment today to do this.

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