In Russia, it is common for cars to be equiped with dashboard cameras. The common purpose is to be able to collect evidence in the event of an accident. Sometimes, though, they capture something unexpectedly beautiful -- like people helping others cross the street, get up from a fall or out of a jam, despite rain, snow, and traffic. Some even put their own lives at risk. Check out this video of Russian drivers expressing their compassion through small acts of kindness!


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  • abby lee miller

    Nice too see ppl doing this

  • Maddie Zeigler

    I practicaly cried watching this... So touching to see people doing that

  • Dixie K

    I was inspired by the kindness of unknown persons to other unknown persons and a few animals. I would like to think this is happening all over the United States, but am becoming more doubtful each day.

  • Olive P

    I am just a Sap when it comes to express kindness. Expressing kindness can be shown in so many ways... the smiles, hold some ones hand when they are sad, listen, just to name a few and mostly, do it all with love.

  • Patrick N Paternott

    It is the average person that practices kindness....not those who are in power and should....thank you for sharing this.

  • Chris Casady

    The music helped a lot!

  • regis ELO

    i just cried because it makes me think about political propaganda of the past years and the difference between what we (from west Europe) were falsly taught and the real nature of people... I know it must be exactly the same for them about us...BUT TRUTH ALWAYS COMES TO BE KNOWN , even through apparently meaningless details of the day to day life...

  • Galena Debney

    I'm Australian but lived in Munich for some years. Germans said the Russians are intelligent, hardworking, kind, honest. We hear and read so much in the media about the bad ones, the oligarchs, the corrupt. Yet the other 99% of the population... the Russians who have endured so much suffering throughout history, are very special people. This video made me feel tearful for all their suffering under Stalin, and to see such unexpected kindnesses in bleak dangerous weather..for nothing..just because they are kind people...well it is truly inspiring. It also reminds me that no matter how bad the world seems to have become, let's not give up, because humans have a very wonderful innate sense of kindness to our fellow man. We just need to vote for politicians who are kind and caring people too.

  • Jenny Ginsberg

    William James wrote that there are three things that are important in life: the first is to be kind, the second is to be kind, the third is to be kind. Your video is a beautiful reminder of this truth. Thank you.

  • alice

    I've read other people's responses first, and I, too, found myself shedding tears. I've noticed that cruelty to me does not make me cry, but kindness does. I'm wondering if someone where there is so much snow might invent a special kind of walker for that weather, so the guy with crutches and others like him couldn't fall down on the ice.

  • darlene

    People have kindness deep within ... we can all help one another in our own way whenever opportunity presents itself. This is a beautiful example of compassion. Thank you!

  • prabh

    there are good people alllll around the world.... :)

  • steve

    What also inspired me about this video was all the wonderful comments made by the people who responded.

  • steve

    Very inspiring video. I would think that people through out the world would respond in the same way. At least I can hope that they would.

  • Toni

    how beautiful to show how kind these Russians were - to both humans and animals. We are all linked by the heart to care about each other and this video shows this. I remember once in Northern NSW, Australia driving down a road, when a young woman was stopping the traffic so a slow large blue-tongue lizard could cross the road. I wish we could all slow down and care about each other humans and animals alike.


    This is a great video. I will act like these people.

  • Editha

    Such nice people, I have never seen anything like it in California.

  • Monique

    Validation that there is great kindness in the world.

  • Sharon

    Remember that these are the same people who 20 years ago the government's and Hollywood's propaganda machines were telling us were horrible and that they wanted to take over our society and make us like them??!! Hey wait a minute! If we stopped to rescue little old ladies and animals in the road, perhaps we should be like the Russians! That said, my experience is that it is the everyday folks who care and help one another in that part of the world. The economically and politically successful folks don't often seem quite so full of grace.

  • Miz Annie

    This reinforced my faith in the kindness and goodness of human beings

  • Mary

    Truly inspiring! I was moved to tears for the respect to the elderly and even the little animals. No matter the elements, the drivers and pedestrians had five minutes to spare to help someone. Thanks for posting.

  • rb

    Reminds me of a time when a Russian man and his four sons helped me get my unstuck after spinning out on an embankment in snowy weather. They showed up out of nowhere, were so efficient and happy to help, and disappeared before I could properly thank them.

  • Marg

    How very special....we only see the negative things in the media...we need more beautiful stories like this.

  • Shirley Marsh

    Acts of kindness such as these show us the beauty of the human spirit; something not often exposed in the media. People are, on the whole, good, and this video inspires optimism for the human race.

  • Bhoutik

    Probably the best 5 minute video I've seen in a while. :-)

  • Vinay Ashta

    I agree with Sir Nirmal Bhattacharya fulfilling humanity and kindness need not big occasions

  • nirmal bhattacharya

    The video definetly Inspired for fulfilling humanity and kindness istantly whenever and whereever needed.

  • Neeti genuine, we stay in a beautiful world!!! all these helpers were angels in disguise..

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    True Story> there are so many kind people in the world, thank you for sharing. No kindness is too small & it can make a bigger difference than one realizes. Continue to be kind Wherever you are. HUG Though I must add, I was slightly saddened watching all those cars that did Not stop to help. Perhaps some of those drivers saw this and WILL stop next time. <3 HUG

  • Jean

    Those little things that take only a minute or two...I could do them much more often.

  • Brian

    Kindness...That's what makes the world go round...thanks for that one...

  • Dana

    A reminder that small acts are not so small when others see them and are inspired to do the same.

  • Alan

    Definitely moving – and inspiring – to watch such acts of kindness!

  • Peg

    Having seen the others, with cars slamming into one another with abandon, this was heartwarming and gives me a little piece of mind about our trip there in July. I now see the country through different eyes, and with hope.

  • Fitzroy Kelly

    Seems simple but oh so poignant!

  • Sherry

    So many brought tears to my eyes. It is the beauty of the one who helps over the many that don't. I could not believe that a man in crutches who fell was passed over by so many motorists until one angel stopped to help. "Unto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me." Let us follow Christ and be charitable and loving each and every day. We never know when we ourselves may need a helping hand and hope that someone will be there for us.

  • Marianna

    Simple human kindness always brings me to tears. People being awake and connected to their hearts inspires me. To watch people getting out of their cars to help another - even animals crossing the road - says that everyday/ordinary/extraordinary people are the ones who will heal this crazy planet

  • Jean BUCQUET

    Спасиба !

  • Boz

    the kiss!

  • devon atkins

    The universality of simple kindnesses, how good they feel.

  • Janette

    Wish the media would share stories like this to counter balance all of their negative news. Let us not lose sight that there is goodness in the world. One act of kindness counts and multiplies. We each have the power to make a difference!

  • inti khab

    Changed my life!

  • Irene

    What a great video!Made me feel Blessed to see.

  • Terri

    In any language, in any country, a simple act of kindness creates a positive energetic force that ripples outward to the world. If we all make it a point to end the day having completed one kind act - no matter how seemingly insignificant - we end the day a success. :)

  • Crystal

    What inspired me about this video? It reminds me that all hope is not lost.

  • Hugh

    Wow, as someone who has seen the videos of poor Russian drivers and, in real life reckless atrocious Russian drivers this video is one to watch and has moved me and altered my opinion of drivers and humaniity in general. Well done to Arkady.

  • Luke

    People helping people. We see it all over the world! Life is hard enough sometimes, why make someone's life worse when it it so EASY to just do one little thing to brighten someone else's day!

  • zora

    tears just flowed for me. so good to see that there are so many people who are aware and care.

  • Carolyn

    It gives me hope for humanity in these dark and sad times.

  • Annette

    My eyes welled up with tears of gratitude watching this video. The music was also beautiful. Thanks for sending me off to work with an appreciation and heartfelt joy.

  • Annie

    Tears,lots of tears, very strong emotion

  • Steve

    "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." - The Dalai Lama. Maybe we won't get caught on camera, but at least two people will know ... and be better for it!

  • Lisa

    So heartening, thank you for sharing this!

  • Ken

    Everything....the kindness offered.

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