Built as a kind of safe haven for animals, Farm Sanctuary is a staunch advocate of a life free of cruelty to animals. In this video, fifth graders from the Bronx in New York go upstate to meet rescued farm animals and try out veganism, at least for the weekend.


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  • Anna

    This site is called KARMAtube, yet this is the only video that even touches on the subject of not harming other sentient beings. Which is pretty astounding. Since you want to encourage acts of kindness, beauty, and generosity, not harming other living beings or participating in their brutal, senseless deaths seems like a great place to start. Ahimsa is the cornerstone of true spiritual practice.

  • Louise Bradbury

    I just love that video, If there were more farms like that than there would be less violence on animals, it teaches that we all have personality whether it animal or human. a Great Story...

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  • Learn more about Farm Sanctuary.
  • Start a discussion about the environmental and health benefits of a non-animal diet.
  • Practice compassion for all life forms you come in contact with, including animals.

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