Here's an example of how important connection is to all living creatures. This reporter visits an animal sanctuary where a dog and an elephant have formed a very lasting, and unusual, friendship. The result is inspiring for us humans too!


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  • Enid Solomon

    It proves that despite our differences we can all coexist. This is an absolutely wonderful video - we could all take a lesson from it.

  • Ruta

    Loved it!! Really, what's our excuse?

  • Shail

    What an amazing story. It just shows that love has no barriers. :)

  • Angie

    Oh god. The cutest thing I ever seen. First, I wanna say, that people should be like this. When you walk around you find yourself surrounded by people who just judge by the look or the differences in between. I love the last phrase: "If they can do it, What's our excuse?.

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  • Learn more about the Elephant Sanctuary where this story takes place.
  • Offer your services to your local chapter of the Humane Society.
  • Next time you have an experience with people different than you are, focus on being as open as possible.

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