What if our oceans, rivers, lakes and streams could breath? As the power of vessels and equipment to exploit marine life has come to far outweigh nature's ability to maintain it, this video by Greenpeace serves as an apt reminder of how easy it is interrupt--perhaps permanently--the rhythms of life.


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  • Loretta

    Vary calming and at the same time helps to remind you of our connection to the earth. Wonderful!

  • Terry Lynn

    What a amazing introduction to Green Peace! Fabulous Namaste

  • Barbara

    Hi, Loved it. It's partiuclarly inspiring in terms of having people get their head around 'we are all connected' and interdependent. I want to use it for a workshop on sustainability and want to source some more information about the comment 'our every second breath comes from the ocean, scientific link/concept to explain that a little more. Can you help me?

  • choclet peye

    hmmm, that was a bit creepy! Maybe cos I couldnt understand the bit at the end. Its an interesting idea tho.

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  • Take steps to protect this most vital of natural resources by learning more about Greenpeace's Defending Our Oceans campaign.
  • Use less bottled water.
  • Every second breath you take comes from our oceans. Reconsider this precious relationship.

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