Despite a significant language barrier, 11 year-old Burmese refugee Soung Oo and 9 year-old Dante of Atlanta, Georgia forge a great friendship at the International Community School in Dekatur, Georgia. They continue to inspire their neighbors, parents, and community with their simple and wholehearted confidence that "A million years we be friends".


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  • Candice

    Eye opening

  • G D SHAH

    There is only one lungage, The Languge of LOVE.

  • Leslie

    I wish all schools, everywhere, used this model!

  • Sara

    Now if we could only see this type of relationship building being made at all our children's schools "what a wonderful world this would be".

  • Dhara

    So cute and inspiring; there is so much to learn from even little kids.

  • karthik

    wow! this is so amazing ... thank you

  • Traci

    Thank you for warming my heart today!

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  • Watch this story about other brave children who started a friendship revolution despite political and cultural barriers.
  • Learn more about cultural diversity in the world.
  • Reflect on the spirit of openness exhibited by both Dante and Soung, practice openness to experience in your life.

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