As the morning tide recedes at a beach near Christchurch, New Zealand, Peter Donnelly arrives to go to work. Peter the Sand Dancer, with a simple stick and a rake (and a not-so-simple gift of vision), paints elaborate works of art in the sand while hundreds watch in awe and appreciation.


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  • Ken

    His knowledge of Genius

  • Ramón

    After watching Peter, I wonder if the people who created the Nazca lines in Peru had the same ability to plot out large creations while remaining at ground level? He is Brilliant and I hope his work is being photographed.

  • shashi

    what a beauty to watch and wonder how creativity has so many outlets

  • Grace

    ..."You'd think, with all the betrayal, disappointment... you'd get the creativity knocked out of you..." but no! it's your HEART..."

  • Mish

    Cannot view this... will it reappear here?????

  • maryanika

    It doesn't matter for him if it lasts or not. Just do it! We always want everything we do to last forever...but mostly change is the only constant. Many of the best moments in life only last a moment.

  • Maria

    I am an artist myself. I was inspired by his open joy in the work, and how his work touches others. His work is a gift to others and people are able to receive it in that way. He helps all of us open up more by what he does.



  • Antonio

    It cracked me up... YOU NEVER GET TO HEAVEN LIKE THIS>>>you going the wrong way :-) Great job Peter!!!

  • Deanna

    What inspires me most is the ephemeral quality of the work.

  • Robin

    Peter Donnelly has captured the most valued of all emotions...pure JOY! Just watching him left me spellbound and inspired to make sure I do a little 'sand dancing' of my own today and everyday.

  • David McHugh

    This is like life. You get a chance to create something in your life before the tide of life clears it for the next generation. So simple really.

  • Kanda

    Great energy from the Higher Self, very wonderful done. Pure feelings.

  • Joy Ann

    This is truly living in the moment, joyously, beautifully!

  • Riegan

    Hello and Blessings to all who have come to view this video of Peter. I run a group page on facebook if any of you wish to come and view some of the photos sent in from around the globe, also there are more video links to Peters art.

  • Marianne

    A place in heaven on earth. A fantastic piece of art. Thanks God for nutty people.

  • Ruth Shivani

    Bless you brother :)

  • Sandi D

    I am so jealous of those that get to witness the birth of Peter's creations. I loved when he said his creations have almost a life to them. They are born and the tide let's them know when it's time to leave. Life couldn't get any better than that! Thank you Peter for sharing your art with me. Sandi

  • Shantel Veldsman


  • Nicky Moses

    It's amazing what we are capable of when we tap into our spirit, passions and energy Brilliant! He is a genius...

  • Loretta Peres

    Lessons in life. Take time to look at the beauty of it all because it can be gone in an instant. Beautiful work!

  • Sharon Pribble

    This was marvelous.

  • Kristy

    This is sooo cool! He is so talented. I hope he continues to do this.

  • Tania

    Inspiring and an amazing artist! Thank you

  • Chris Brown

    Incredible gift!

  • Laura

    What an inspiration. Made my day.

  • Anabela

    I had to be in New Zealand! Love that country!

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