She's a 47 year old woman, with a learning disability. Susan Boyle has never been married, doesn't have a job, and lives with her cat in a tiny cottage of rural Scotland. But that was last week. This week, she's been watched by 20.2 million people online, Twittered by Demi Moore and Ashton Kucher, praised by Patti LuPone, admired by the bloggerati, snapped up by the paparazzi, swarmed by camera crews, and interrogated by reporters. What happened? The unglamorous, unfashionable Miss Boyle, 47, confounded a multitude of stereotypes by unveiling her gorgeous singing voice on "Britain's Got Talent".


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  • Dana Keil

    Today is the day that I pray people everywhere will realize how judged we are by our hair, make-up. clothing, age, ect. Susan was a victum to that the minute the audience saw her. They knew nothing about her other than her outer appearence. Susan shows raidience, confidence, sence of humor, tolerance, and humble before she even began to sing. I feel her heart was already singing long before she got on the stage. Susan Boyle is a true blue person utilizing her gifts that come from within and notice how beautiful her skin is, her posture, and her love for life. I knoe forsure that no matter where she has been and where she goes, she is the happiest person possibly in the world. I love you Susan!!

  • T :-)

    Inspirational... it's never too late to live a dream.

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  • Read an article about Susan Boyle's story.  She is considered to be the biggest YouTube phenomena ever!

  • Last time this happened, it was a cell phone salesman singing his heart out!

  • Do you have a dream that goes against all odds?  Take a chance, step into the unknown, and walk the first step towards achieving it!

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