In 2004, ten year old Zach Bonner went door to door with his little red wagon to collect water for the victims of Hurricane Charlie. Now, this inspirational 5th grader is dedicated to community service and has raised thousands of dollars to purchase school supplies, food, and support services for homeless children in Florida and Louisiana. He most recently walked 280 miles from Tampa to Tallahassee in order to bring awareness to the 1st ever National Homeless Youth Awareness Month. Watch this inspiring video of Zach's amazing journey and learn about how you can help!


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  • trinitee

    i learned ppl can really make a diffrence

  • Ann

    If a child can do this, why not us grown ups!

  • Helen

    You are awesome, Zach. Keep up the good work

  • Cecilia Biemann

    Zach, what a blessing you are to this world, and what an awesome role model you are to other children your age. Well done!

  • Guri

    Just amazing...and humbling to see someone of this age take on the problems of the world head on. Beautiful! :-)

  • alexandra


  • Pancho

    "If you have a good heart you have to use it."- Zach Bonner The good news is that we all have good hearts. It's just a matter to get rid off the layers covering our hearts. I'm humbled by this GIANT of the Little Red Wagon, with an Astronomical heart.

  • Moreen Murray

    Zach you are a wonderful inspiration to all. You embody Gandhi's words "Be the change you want to see in the world". Thank you.

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