Last year 50,000 Estonians got together and did in one day what it would have taken the government 3 years and 22 million euros to do - clean up all the garbage in the country! More than 600 volunteers came together to organize Campaign "Lets Do It!", a grassroots initiative to clean up the country from 10,000 tons of illegal waste in just one day.


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  • Dhara

    Really inspiring. It would be great to have their core team guide others who might want to do something similar. And yes, I too want to know what they did with the garbage they collected.

  • Dan

    This is brilliant, inspiring. but what did they do with garbage after they had collected it? where did it go? what did they do with it? This is important


    Very good job done by the team.I really inspired and I want to follow the same in my country.And only I says my"Just Do It"

  • nancystonerock

    if only!

  • guri

    This is just BRILLIANT!

  • Jim

    It's amazing what people can do if we set are minds to it. Wouldn't it be great if Americans could pull something like this? Somehow I think politicans would get involved and find a way to make money out of the initative. Woops, my cyncial side is showing again.

  • Cindy

    What a powerfully inspiring video to share :) And what a positive example of how any of us can BE the CHANGE we wish to SEE in our world!!!! Kudos to all.

  • Jenn


  • Jenn


  • Marsa

    Wonderful thing you did. Everyone should do there part to clean up our world. If we all pull togeather it can happen.

  • T.T

    It was an awesome event and it was a great day and we changed something for the better. Think globally, act locally ;) It was a surprise to find a video about it here :)

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