Why should we have music in schools? This is why. Watch how an inner-city 5th grade music teacher inspires and encourages children to find their voices and a confidence that can carry over to all areas of life. Both the students and teacher are a wonderful example of the amazing talents that can be lost if we don't find the time and space to invest in them.


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  • Nivendra

    Beautiful, stunning. Music is a way into the soul, and this amplifies that perfectly.

  • Pancho

    1Music2Unify! :-) ARTivism at its best! An army of rebels! If you want to be a rebel, be kind. Human-kind, be both.

  • Ms.B

    MR. B THANK YOU! For teaching children how to FEEL. It is obvious that all of your kids found inner freedom to sing their souls out loud by you simply making it OK, through your own example. Thank you for making a difference in changing this world.

  • Moreen Murray

    Another reminder how crucial music is to overall well being and growth - look what it's done for the self esteem of these children! Blessings to Mr. B!

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  • Stay up to date on the PS22 Chorus in New York City. How can you help a child find their hidden potential?

  • Get involved with keeping music in schools with Music Rising.

  • Write a letter / email to your favorite teacher.  Thank him / her for their guidance and share how it helped (be specific!) :)

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