How old do you have to be to make a difference? 12 yr old Kali Brauckmann believes there is no age limit. After she saw the horrible way grizzly bears were being treated during a trip, she tried to do something about it - her cause was even joined by a famous author with the goal of stopping senseless violence.


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  • Gowtham

    Courage has no age limit,Kali proved it! Touching.

  • Anke

    Bless you Kali for making a stand to protect the Bears against 'trophy hunting'/=slaughter! Great to find yourself in the wise company of the Elders of the Land.. the First Nations.. with such an adventurous and supportive father! And thanks to Deepak Chopra for speaking out in support <3

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  • Learn more facts on the trophy hunting of grizzlies.

  • Join the many kids who are fighting for the causes they are most passionate about.

  • Next time you are saddened by violence or sufferring, raise your voice (talk at work / school, blog, join a cause), every voice matters!

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