After seeing a person holding a cardboard sign begging for food, Phoebe wondered, "Why does that man look so sad, and why is he holding a sign in the street?" That question to her parents, during her daily ride to daycare, sparked an idea that has helped feed nearly 18,000 hungry San Franciscans. Oh, and Phoebe is five years old!


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  • norma

    i just emailed this video to about 25 people -- including my daughter, who teaches kindergarten. what an amazing child. but aren't they all? most adults just don't acknowledge it.

  • ravi

    video was good nd good confidence

  • karthik

    wow! this is amazing ... such an young, cute girl accomplishing so much is just superb to see ... GO PHOEBE!

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  • Visit the San Francisco food bank and donate!

  • Spend a Saturday making sack lunches for the needy and hand them out!

  • Every day this week, take a moment before your meal and connect with the part of yourself that empathizes with those who are hungry.

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