How do you help people in low-income situations? The professor running the Philadelphia Field Project thinks the answer is in creating non-monetary solutions to basic needs - food, community, health, etc. Luckily, he decided to challenge his students to help him in this mission, and what resulted was an award-winning program that must be seen.


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  • Dhara

    How cool is this project! Students are so lucky to have the opportunity to work on this project. Awesome idea and very nicely implemented by Prof. Lucky.

  • Trishna

    Wow, they are providing students with such an incredible opportunity to be the change -- wish more universities offered these types of programmes to students for real-life learning!

  • Arlan Berglas

    Please take a look I will now go to your website

  • Arlan Berglas

    Fantastic video! I will call you right now

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  • Get the details on the Project.

  • Reflect on the old adage of service as a helping hand between equals rather than a hand-out from 'haves' to 'have-nots.'

  • Start your own local field project! Perhaps clean up a local park, tutor children at a local school, or give some company to patients at a hospital. Join one already in progress.

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