He was an unlikely opera singer: Paul Potts was a cell phone salesman in South Wales who confessed that summoning self-confidence was "always difficult." But his dream was to one day become an opera singer, and with this is persevered. "My dream is to spend my life doing what I was born to do," Paul said simply. Watch him defy expectations on a June 2007 episode of "Britain's Got Talent" --and in the course earn a standing ovation from an audience of over two thousand.


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  • Yvette

    Sing Paul! Sing,Sing,Sing.... God Bless!

  • Kirsty-Ann

    You are such a treasure Paul! Never stop striving for your dreams! You are an inspiration!! :)

  • aatman

    Hi Paul your voice touched to my heart and soul. It's Awesome!

  • stephanie

    I am seeing this video several months after the performance....a friend at work shared it with me....without allowing me to read any of the text, first. No one can watch this and not end up with tears in their eyes.....Begin with your heart breaking because you somehow do not feel that this lovely man can deliver, and you cringe, anticipating his failure. You then listen, and as it ends, you find yourself in sweet tears.....and remember that your heart may also break when you learn how we human beings always tend to pre-judge. It is our lesson in shame. Bless you, Paul, and may you find a life following your passion and keep reminding all of us to be gentle.... S

  • Kat

    I cried like a baby. I watched this earlier and had to watch it again. I cried again. I am not often moved to tears so I had to see if it was a fluke! Paul's beautiful voice touched me deeply. Someone else said it earlier, but, it was like listening to an angel. I wish Paul success in following his dream. I hope that the world can be touched by Paul and his voice.

  • Sheri

    I cried happy tears. I didn't understand it but it sounded beautiful. I bought the CD. Thanks for the happy tears. They were a sort of cleasning!

  • Sig

    WOW!!! What a beautiful voice and humble person! I think your going places, and I think you deserve it!! God Bless you Paul!!

  • cindy

    Paul appears very unsure at first glance..His eyes and voice pour out the beauty of his person..Bravo! I think we have a new Pavoritti-a tough act to follow..He is fabulous!

  • cindy

    Paul appears very unsure at first glance..His eyes and voice pour out the beauty of his person..Bravo! I think we have a new Pavoritti-a tough act to follow..He is fabulous!

  • Aayush

    that brought tears to my eyes as well..bravo!

  • Seth

    Your voice and presence brought tears to my eyes.

  • Kathy

    AMAZING! When male angels sing, I'm sure they sound like you Paul! I was moved to tears watching this. God bless you and help you to share your wonderful God given talent with the world!

  • choclet peye

    This really annoyed me when it was all over Youtube, but for some reason I got it when it was on here! I think he's great. When he started singing, everyone was blown away, but you could see Simon Cowell thinking 'chuh ching!'

  • Zane

    Wow! Phenomenal. Did you see the looks of the panel when he announced his plan to sing opera. Then did you see the change of heart when he began to sing. Here's a 2-3 minute video that captures someone facing their greatest fears, overcoming those fears and doing it in front of a live audience and Simon and his panel! You're amazing, Paul.

  • donal

    Great voice, great heart, great man.Well done Paul.

  • Janice Moroney

    Hi Paul,I've never been into Opera,but hearing you, all I can say is Wow.You are absolutely Fantastic.Janice...

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