The Spungen Family demonstrates its immense philanthropic nature by giving out 6.6 million dollars in bonuses to its employees after selling its company. Their acts of kindness also extend to the intimate relationships they share with their employees and with their foundation which supports cancer research & treatment. The most amazing part? You'd never know ANY of it by talking to them!


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  • Kevin

    Where in this story can you not be inspired!!

  • Alannah

    Simply amazing and awe-inspiring! Kudos and a huge Thank You to the Spungen Family!

  • Patriciainsweden

    This entire family own the WISDOM that most of the "powerful" people in the world are "born"? with out it!

  • Pat

    Great story. I wish more companies would manage in this fashion where the workers are respected and considered part of the family. So many companies may SAY this, but it's really not executed. Thank you so much to the Spungen's for this heart warming example.

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