On her countryside farm at the base of a mountain in Utah, Kaziah raises goats. And paints. "I paint people I can relate to and the wildlife and countryside I love," the 58 year old says. In 2002, Kaziah sent a note to a Gloria Johnson to see if she could do a portrait of her son, an Army private who died in an ambush in Iraq. Gloria agreed, and Kaziah's portrait moved her to tears. Kaziah continued her humanitarian experiment -- without taking any political sides -- and today, more than 250 portraits later, she's still at it. Oh, and she doesn't sell her art; she gifts it!


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  • Janet Sides

    Just a beautiful person. I'm in tears,my gosh you're so gifted.

  • Rosemary Alkofer

    What a wonderful, heartwarming story. Thank you so much for sharing your art and spreading your love to the world, and, particularly, the families of the fallen soldiers. Kaziah, keep on painting with your powerful gift. Again, thank you for sharing as you do.

  • Susan

    What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. And, Oh, to have such talent. Thank you, Kaziah, for doing what you so regally ca, to mend broken hearts--a least a tiny bit

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    so happy to see her story again. what a Beautiful human being sharing her Gift doubly by not only painting exquisite portraits, but adding the value of Gifting them. Love & hugs from my heart to yours!

  • Vicky

    Amazing pay it forward, acts of kindness...I got goosebumps watching it...

  • shashi

    jou of giving without waiting for a reward is the greatest vitue. God blesses souls like her with immense power. I was very emotional while watching it and felt that I too be more of a giving person.Thank u for such a wonderful message.

  • frank

    Kaziah proves what I said about goat people nearly 30 years ago: "Education" 'Education' Sir or Madam if you look up the meaning, Is a systematic learning that began in your childhood And 'system' if you look it up which 'educated' you'd not do, Is how to make each idiot a replica of you! So this is why you are an educated sheep, And not a giddy mountain goat If you care to look it up You'll see why goats can gloat! Well done Kaziah maybe a little goaty paraph to keep your sense of humour going strong forever!

  • Jerry

    This just proves again in America we do not forget the fallen who paid the ultimate price for we The people to enjoy our freedoms. May God always reign in our world, eveb when we make real bad choices.

  • Sheri Pestka

    After watching the video, I wish I could paint. I would love to be able to give back to a group of people (parents, spouses and siblings) who's hearts ache from their loss. But since I can't paint, much less draw a straight line, I give with an open heart to Kaziah to help fund her beautiful and selfless gift to others.

  • Bran

    Angel indeed! Thanks guys for sharing...may she live a long life teaching that their child's love is with the families all the time...how much is that worth? Priceless...

  • patricia ellen

    what inspired me about this video? how thin a crust is. thank You

  • Marsha Nelson,Ph.D.

    No charity can every match the amount of joy that you have brought to so many American families. Keep on keeping on your selfless love and devotion to"Your guys"

  • John

    Courage and determination

  • swamiji

    Thank you you for inspiration that is coming from you from your heart you can just be grateful for the gift of painting and the love you are sharing with the families of ones who have lost a dear one in combat. Thank you for sharing and may God give you peace of mind and for ever live in gratitude.

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    Just another Soul giving back for all the Right Reasons.

  • Pratibha

    Wow, a woman of courage and compassion!!!

  • Dr.Purnima Gurung

    it is wonderful to know there is woman like Kazariah, who does live for others inspiring them and believing in selfless service. You are great Kazariah !!We are with you . GOD Bless you.

  • Jacqueline

    I think Semora McCampbell said it well. Kasiah understands the true meaning of selfless giving and makes such a difference to the people she gives to, thus gaining everthing in the end. Gives me a lot to aspire to...myself. Love and blessings - See more at: http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=172 #sthash.zeP9yLaU.dpuf

  • cheryl

    So wonderful to see what this woman does with her gift of creativity. She is an inspiration to me to keep painting! Go in Peace Kaziah.

  • Roger

    The beauty and giving of Kaziah brought me to tears of gratitude and perspective. It inspires me to keep painting and to realize my talent is a gift I often don't deserve.

  • Melodie

    Such compassion and joy this wonderful woman brings to others.

  • Sandy

    Kaziah, a beautiful name to match a beautiful heart!

  • Semora McCampbell

    Kasiah understands the true meaning of selfless giving and makes such a difference to the people she gives to, thus gaining everthing in the end. Gives me a lot to aspire to...myself. Love and blessings

  • Carolyn

    And we wonder if there are angels Kazaih lets us know their is.

  • JANE


  • Neeraj

    They are the ultimate selfless people.My Respects Kazaih.

  • Misty

    She cares about each person, She painted my grandfather several times.

  • regina gilbert meckle


  • Alannah

    Wow, thank you for sharing this with all of us. What a gift Kaziah is giving! That is precious!

  • Carol

    what a wonderful gift you have and give. God bless you and you kind heart always.

  • Rhonda Abbett

    There R still some angels in this world, she's one of them.

  • Peter Lott Heppner, Alley Patron, Chicago

    Remember me is for my Brother& sister-in-law in the Army and my Nephew in the Navy & for my uncles who were Air Force and my cousin who was a Marine, I am definitely sharing this with them and their fellow military comrades

  • choclet peye

    Wow that made me cry. What a lovely thing to do with your talent. My dog died a few days ago, and though it's obviously nothing like the pain of losing a son or daughter, it can really imagine how grateful those parents must feel to get one of those paintings.

  • donal

    Kaziah The Great Woman Who Has A Great Heart Sharing A Great Gift With Great People.

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