As an actor, singer, writer, and composer, Daniel Beaty has worked throughout the world in a variety of styles ranging solo concerts to theatre to one-man plays to a gig at the White House. But here he is at a Def Jam Poetry contest, about a topic near and dear to his heart -- parenthood. Nothing short of a riveting, electrifying performance that had the entire crowd standing up by the end!


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  • Rebecca B. James

    Its realism... its honesty... and the emotional aspect that imparts the rhythm of the heart.

  • Olivia Kay

    This is a beautiful poem, Daniel performed beautifully with so much passion and emotion. The repetition was so powerful. He could not have preformed it any better, this was amazing!

  • Karen Contreras

    The transparency with which Daniel presents his experiences is breathtaking. Thank you!

  • Susjheela Kamath

    The power of realisation that it is'nt your lineage that counts, it is what you are and have achieved despite deprivation of all kinds. So inspiring!!

  • Anthony

    It reminded me how angry I was before I healed inside and outside. I remember being told by someone much wiser "We weren't meant to survive. So, go beat the odds, Anthony. Go beat the odds. Never because of, and always in spite of racism, will you go proudly fulfilling the prophecy of your ancestors." Aho!

  • N Michael Murphy

    YES YES. My father never said Knock Knock, but I can gaze into the mirror and see that child and say knock, knock I love you. And I will say it every day from now on, till death do us part. So even though I have not payed attention to you until now (please forgive me) from now on I will be there, and you will never be alone. Knock knock! Michael

  • Katherine

    Thank-you Daniel for your absolutely inspiring poetic wisdom!

  • Elizabeth

    Powerful reminder the no one has to buy into the illusion that the legacy of abandonment is carried through the generation. It stops here through the conscious choice of individual empowerment. Congratuations!

  • Michelle

    Our parents are not who we need them to be. But we must become who we need ourselves to be. It is a journey, a courageous and mighty one - to stand fully for who and what we believe in, to be the change we want to see in the world.

  • ishana bai

    the truth coming from an open heart. thank you daniel beaty, beautiful man, you are at the right place at the right time on this planet. love and gratitude, ishana bai

  • Michael

    Transforming pain and abandonment into Compassion Strength and Love..: It doesn't get any better than that! Thank you Daniel

  • Los

    We are not our father's choices but we are their children. Inspirational that in spite of his fathers choices, Daniel expressed his true, authentic self in the love he still professes for his father. As I have "knocked, knocked" on many doors in my life, and continue to....and now profess my love for my father, despite his absences'. True, positive, and heart felt. I was moved to tears.

  • Chris

    Wow! This man had dug deep, beyond the roots to the dirt that supports the roots of his existence to sprout and nurture this seed of longing into a fierce tree of truth. Thank you Daniel for showing us the power of emotions to inspire, guide and transform..

  • Chad

    I love his honesty to admit how much his misses his father. Most men don't talk about that. I'm much closer to my pops now but nothing like I wish. Much respect

  • Lori

    Inspirational. Thank you for reminding parents how important they are to their children. That is the most important job we will ever have. Raising, nurturing, feeding body and soul, consoling, rejoicing and loving unconditionally. We all fall short at times, but focus needs to be on the successes. Thank you. Knock Knock

  • anit

    I am my father's daughter, but I am not his choices and I am knocking my own doors down - I needed to hear that today, thank you

  • miakoda

    I have watched this video so many times. the power of these words move to tears every time. I teach incarcerated youth and am planning to find a way to download this so I can share it with them. so many have not had fathers to guide and love them. I hope these words inspire them to seek the men within to guide them through these difficult times. Fierce Allies is an intensive training, facilitation and consulting program that fosters deep partnerships across historical divides.

  • justbecause

    woah! keep knocking the doors down. thanks for the powerful poetry.

  • lajoy searcy

    all i can say is wow beautiful my brother knock knock

  • Raymond

    He touched me deeply in that place where the truth resides...pain mingled with hope, courage and compassion...beautiful and powerful. Thank you.

  • Anjali

    strength of emotion. very powerful.

  • karthik

    OMG! simply powerful ... i am blown away ...

  • Parvati

    Powerful and inspirational. Listen up!

  • tanisha

    OMG...great word. I love much passion and emotion..Go Daniel!!

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