Shaken, and yet inspired by her own traumatic experience of being gang-raped at the age of 15, Sunitha Krishnan has dedicated her life to rescuing victims of human trafficking. In an emotionally charged talk session, she presents disturbing stories & facts on the horrific experiences of the victims of human trafficking and makes a call to embrace and accept them into our society.


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  • sohail bukhari

    we all wanna fight against sex slavery

  • Nivendra

    So much of courage and passion!

  • Leena

    Every time, it happens. I hold my tears back. As a woman, I feel the pain of these young girls. I will Be The Change.

  • adrienne

    Thank you for waking me many children are many people are hurting to do this to children. I feel moved to help. Thank you.


    The Raw Courage that Sunitha is displaying in HER Life, and the Cowardice we do in OURS.

  • Vicknesh

    I am very moved by the work and passion. It makes me so ashame of what evil humans are capable of. I wish to thank Sunitha Krishnan for igniting our awareness of what is happening in some parts of the world. We have to do our part to prevent this uncivilised business of disgusting pleasure.

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  • Learn more about Prajwala, the anti-trafficking organization founded by Sunitha.
  • Watch how Betty Makoni, another victim of child rape, has been committed to rescuing girls from sexual abuse in Zimbabwe.
  • The victims of human trafficking need our compassion and acceptance in order to rebuild their lives. Share this message with your family and friends through informal discussions and by sending this video.

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