Dan Pink is a former political speechwriter, but that's not why you should listen to him. Over the last several years he has set out to answer the question of how to motivate people - and guess what? It turns out that money isn't the biggest carrot out there! Learn about the many interesting ways to motivate others and yourself :)


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  • Laura

    I am an educator and this video is an important message about how we need to prepare students to function in the 21st century. Allowing them time and opportunity to be creative, providing a flexible schedule, and eliminating the "carrot and stick" reward system (aka grades and test scores) are ways to accomplish this in schools. I wonder if any educational leaders or policy makers are listening to Mr. Pink's message.

  • Divakar

    this is a awesome :) :) so true..why don't the business world understand this :):)....thank you Dan :)

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  • Apply the science of motivation in your life through the tips listed here.
  • Read more about Dan Pink, whose works seek to incorporate more creativity in our day to day living.
  • Keep this knowledge in mind the next time you are faced with major decisions in your life - think through what will really motivate you and make you happy!

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